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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products, services and on-going support to our customers. We will continue to respond to the rapidly changing market place and evolve our product line to meet our customers’ gas detection requirements.

About Us

The founding members have over fifty years of combined technical and analytical instrumentation experience, 30 years focusing on instrumentation sales and service. Founded in 2000, our initial product was the OdaLog Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Logger. The OdaLog was designed to address an unmet need within the wastewater industry for a robust H2S monitoring device. In 2002, the OdaLog won the prestigious Innovative Technology Instrumentation Award from the Water Environment Federation. We introduced the OdaTrak System in 2002, to provide real-time data via a-4 to 20 milliAmp output from the OdaLog. The OdaTrak System works with a specially fitted OdaLog with a fiber optic output, fiber optic cable, and an adapter that converts the OdaLog data to a 4/20 milliAmp signal. The Hydrogen Sulfide gas data can be interfaced to control, telemetry or alarm systems.

Building on the proven technology of the OdaLog and with input from our customers, the OdaLog Low Range (10 PPB to 2 PPM) Gas Logger was introduced in 2004. The Low Range instrument was designed for monitoring at the property fenceline or troublesome areas where odors exist, to record low-level Hydrogen Sulfide gas emissions. Applications include odor nuisance monitoring, ambient air analysis, H2S source detection, short-term odor control system performance monitoring (with proper sample conditioning), and for research projects. For fence line applications, we offer the DiCom Single Point Continuous H2S Perimeter Monitor to record low level H2S emissions, wind speed and direction. The Sycamore Technologies Continuous Hydrogen Sulfide Emissions Monitor is used to monitor odor control systems and provides a 4/20 MilliAmp output for real-time H2S data. We also offer a sophisticated PID controller to provide feedback loop control of chemical additions. The Sycamore CEM is available as a single, dual or three-point system, and was awarded the WEF 2007 Innovative Technology Instrumentation award.

We provide the wastewater industry with short-term portable sampling systems to facilitate OdaLog data acquisition in locations where substantial positive or negative pressure complicates sample collection. These systems (MOSS-2 and LRSS) deliver the sample from a remote location to the OdaLog at the proper flow rate to provide reliable data.

The OdaLog L2 Logger, replaced the original OdaLog Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Logger, which was discontinued in January 2009. Features include a larger alpha-numeric display, a lithium battery which lasts at least a year, increased memory, faster downloading and quick assembly and dis-assembly of the instrument. The L2 is offered with two different H2S sensors; one for short-term monitoring (seven days) and one for long term logging (30 days).  The L2 is also available with a  short-term sensor that reads up to 2000 ppm H2S.

Our newest product is the OdaLog RTx Logger which allows for the wireless transmission of logged H2S data to an FTP site for remote access using OdaStat-G software. With the use of a manhole antenna, data can be transmitted out of manholes with cast iron covers. SMS text messages can be sent when user-programmable alarms are met. Data can be viewed globally via OdaStat-G software with the appropriate user name and password. Instrument parameters may be changed remotely via the OdaStat-G software. A long-term sensor allows for logging up to 30 days at a time before requiring fresh air sensor recovery time.