Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Specialists

Service and Support

Detection Instruments is committed to providing exceptional support and quality service to our customers. Our pricing is such that service and upkeep is affordable for our customers. We are normally able to service an OdaLog and ship it back to you within two-days after receipt. We offer loaner instruments in cases where extensive service is required.

Instrument Service And Calibration
We recommend that the OdaLog is returned to a Detection Instruments service center at least once every six months for a full inspection, firmware upgrade as developed, calibration, test for linearity and to have new batteries installed. Please complete the service form below and include it with your instrument, or call us at (602) 797-0630 to let us know that you’ll be sending your instrument in for repair.

Service Form
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Turn-Around Time
We are normally able to service an OdaLog and ship it back to you within two-days of receipt. In cases where extensive service is required, we’ll supply you with an OdaLog to use in the interim, if necessary.

A twelve-month warranty is standard, when used in accordance with the operation manual (calibration and freight costs excluded).

Terms And Conditions
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Calibration Gas Kits And Replacement Cylinders
We recommend that a full instrument calibration be performed using a certified concentration calibration gas kit at least monthly on the OdaLog and Low Range Gas Loggers to ensure maximum accuracy. You can perform a functional test between calibrations to verify the sensor’s performance. Simply apply the gas to the OdaLog to confirm that the value correlates to the concentration of the calibration gas. If the results don’t match the gas value, perform a full instrument calibration. For multi-point calibrations, our Gas Dilution System is an easy to use electronic device designed to take a known calibration gas and dilute it to lower concentrations.