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Acrulog Dilution

The Acrulog™ IPX H2S Dilution Monitor is designed for indoor and outdoor continual use and will record levels (0-20ppm, 0-50PPM, 0-200ppm, or 0-1000ppm) of H2S and features remote-draw sampling capability and memory backup.

The Acrulog™ IPX H2S Dilution Monitor is designed for long term continual use to record high PPM levels of H2S. The H2S monitor uses a built-in sample pump & dilution system designed for precision mixing of filtered air to reduce sensor exposure and moisture. The H2S monitor is capable of drawing a remote sample from up to 15 meters away with custom sample line & fittings.

Standard model features built-in 4-20mA industrial output, internal battery back-up and is compatible with an external power input via the waterproof cable provided (5-15VDC).

Optional outputs: RS485, 4G LTE-M or NB-IoT

All logged data can then be easily logged and downloaded via Bluetooth® wireless technology and viewed in the custom graphing and data analysis Acrustat software.

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