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Gas Dilution System (GDS)


Gas Dilution System (GDS)

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Part # 25-0008

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The App-Tek Gas Dilution System (GDS) is an easy to use electronic device designed to take a known calibration gas or gas sample and dilute it to lower concentrations.

The diluted gas output can be used for calibrating gas detection instruments or can be presented to gas measuring equipment in an appropriate range to enable the sample to be analysed.

The GDS also equilibrates the relative humidity level of the diluted gas to close to ambient with its inbuilt Nafion® tubing for both the SOURCE GAS and the DILUTION GAS inputs.

Gas output flow rates of 250 ml/minute in 10% dilution steps or 500 ml/minute in 1% dilution steps can be selected as required and the dilution rate can be varied up or down by using the two push buttons on the front while the GDS is running.

The GDS has an inbuilt rechargeable battery pack and can be run from the charger even when charging.

The App-Tek Gas Dilution System offers scientists and technicians the ability to perform “on-site” gas dilution in a small, inexpensive and easy to transport package.