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OdaStat-G Software

OdaStat-G Software

Important Information

The OdaLog range of portable gas monitoring instruments is complemented by the powerful OdaStat-G Software package. OdaStat-G takes gas data from the OdaLog instrument and in a few simple steps creates vital information, providing the user with a clear understanding of gas levels and patterns in graphical and tabular form.

Data downloading and instrument configuration is done via the Infrared Communication link, enabling quick and easy communication between the OdaLog instrument and PC/Laptop.

Data can be viewed, charted, and analyzed in graphical or tabular form, and can be quickly exported to spreadsheet software. Reports and charts can be shared easily by multiple users and session files can be emailed directly from the OdaStat-G Software in csv, oda, or jpeg format.

OdaStat-G Software can also be used to configure instrument parameters such as setting calibration levels and logging intervals. Users can also save a preferred configuration or set of instrument parameters and then reuse the configuration file to download to multiple OdaLog instruments (of the same type).

OdaStat-G is also used to access data transmitted by RTx OdaLogs from an FTP site with the appropriate user name and password.