Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Specialists

OdaLog Low Range (0.01 – 2.00 PPM) Gas Logger


Important Information

The Low Range – OdaLog is a highly sensitive, convenient, weather resistant and portable instrument designed to assist in H2S odor management activities by accurately measuring concentrations from 10 PPB to 2 PPM. This instrument allows reliable measurement of H2S based odors at fence lines, control rooms, land fills, residential locations, and with proper sampling, short-term odor control performance testing. It can be used to identify odorous trouble areas, to identify the odor source, to determine the frequency and severity of odors, to minimize public complaints, and to improve the quality of life of neighbors by reducing the severity of odors. When placed at the desired sampling location, the instrument can record H2S emissions as they occur, eliminating the need to send field personnel to collect routine gas samples. Typical applications include odor monitoring, ambient air analysis, perimeter or fence line monitoring, control room monitoring, H2S source detection, scrubber performance testing, and research projects. In outdoor applications the OdaLog Environmental Shelter(OLES) is used to shield the Low Range from direct sunlight, maintain a constant ambient temperature, and to protect the instrument against adverse weather conditions. An internal battery (1 x standard C size Alkaline) will operate the built-in sampling system continuously for at least seven days and a separate internal Lithium battery powers the main processor functions for approximately two months. The Low Range Sampling System is used to facilitate data collection from odor control systems for short-term performance testing. The OdaStat-G software kit is used for programming the OdaLog, as well as for downloading the data after completing a logging session.